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Aguaje Oil 50mL

Our unique, mindfully produced products help ensure the ecosystem of the rainforest is left intact. By using successive farming techniques on reclaimed land, we can deliver the most potent and pure high-quality products while improving the earth’s carbon-capturing ability. Our team strives to be ecological and sustainable while supporting the local communities.



Our Croton Lechleri trees are exclusively grown for a single harvest of the resin at prime for maximum potency and purity. With a reputation for assisting problematic skin, Dragon’s Blood is sought-after for use on cold sores, acne, skin tags, fresh wounds and other skin issues. This product is traditionally applied to damaged skin to speed up natural recovery.*



Aguaje Oil gives increased hydration making the skin appear softer and smoother. Our unique beauty oil contains more than 21 times the β-Carotene of carrots giving the oil its bright orange colour and more than 25 times the Vitamin E of avocados. Aguaje oil is an ingredient in premium beauty products, soaps and sun care products. Our ultra-fine oil is produced in a sustainable manner using only the mesocarp of the fruit in a traditional method. This production process yields much higher levels of nutrients than standard pressing. Aguaje Oil is, in our opinion, is the best way to introduce naturally high levels of Vitamin A into your skin for a noticeable younger look and feel.*


Handcrafted from the heart of the Peruvian Amazon

Defy your age
with soft & smooth
hydrated skin

Say goodbye
to cold sores
and acne

Can’t find
what you are
looking for?


We supply ingredients for manufacturers and can bottle our products for your branding requirements.

We offer our products in bulk packaging for both retailers to offer refilling options as well as manufacturers a reliable source of premium ingredients.

Our products are available in 946mL (32 fl. oz. U.S.) glass boston rounds and 20L food-grade containers for manufacturing purposes.


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